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Hellah Montana
09 May 2009 @ 12:01 am
Back at the start of March, one of my cats needed to have an extremely pricey surgery to pretty much save his life. I have amazing friends & they managed to find a way to raise enough money that he could have the surgery.
Skeeter has since recovered & is doing awesome, none of which would've been possible if not for my friends & their friends & friends of their friends. So many people came to help a silly little cat get another chance at life & I could not be more grateful.

The time has come to pay it forward.

One of my friends & a fantastic person has a very sick dog. Aries is pretty damn adorable & her owner is an amazing/kind soul. This surgery came up very suddenly & is going to cost an unknown amount.
Since everyone stepped up to help me, I'm going to help Laura & Aries.
Any online sales I make over this weekend are going to help her & Aries. She is an amazing person & an amazing pet owner. I would love to help her in any way possible & I figure that using my skills would be best.

Please go to www.mindpandacharms.etsy.com & browse around. Pass it around to friends-helping her would mean the world to me.
Thank you,
Hellah Montana

Skeeter had his surgery on Monday-March 9th.
He came home Tuesday afternoon. At first, I didn't see much of him at all.
Come Wensday-he was showing signs of feeling better.
He's back to doing his normal stuff-chasing his tail 5 times a day, following me around, sitting in my lap, snuggling with his brothers/the other cats. He's rediscovered his love of Cat-Nip...so he often eats then sleeps with his nose pressed into the catnip toy.
When I said he was normally a very silly kitty-I most certainly meant it.

He has been eating-a lot. He likes to eat as often as he can, but I'm limiting his feedings so he doesn't over-do it and open any sutures.
Today alone-he ate a can & a half of Salmon in Sauce. Skeeter loves some fishy food.

One of the things I sold on Etsy went to buying him a new collar to remind myself & him just how lucky he is:

I cannot properly convey how thankful I am-nor how lucky I am that there are kind people in this world.
My cat is alive because of your kindness.
Thanks to you-he can carry on his adventures with his brother Taylor as they watch fishies (named after Food Network stars-i might add)

At the end of this it works out like this:
Skeeter lost about 5 pounds. He's down to 10lbs when he normally weighs 15 or so. He's not overweight, he's just a long/big cat.
The original estimate the vet gave me was a bit off: $500 became $800-but he's fixed & that's what matters.
Additionally, on Friday the 6th-he got a shot that helped him get through the weekend before the surgery. That shot was $134-but again, it helped him be able to eat/behave as he normally would.
At the end-this has been a $950 vet visit.
...which after what I went through with Ashes...really doesn't seem like much at all.
All that matters is that my cat is safe, healthy, & happy.

Thank you everyone-from the bottom of my heart.
Sara Goudrault & Skeeter
(as well as Simba, Taylor, Tipper, O'Neill, Brody, Mokey, Parker & Apple)
(major thanks from his brothers though-Tipper & Taylor-cause they love him & would be lost without him.)

(Skeeter really loves the fish)
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Hellah Montana

Because of people like jedi_iwakura , nikitaquincy  & elessar : My cat will be better soon.
Between them & the amazing people they know-I have hope in mankind.
While I have always believed that deep down people were good, I'd never seen much of a showing of said goodness.

Then Skeeter got sick back at the end of November.
We took him to the vet, he was put on meds. When I tried to give him said meds, he bit me. (my nail is finally growing back)
Skeeter has never been an angry cat, or one to act out, so when he bit me-I knew how serious it really was.

We finally got meds into him & he came around a bit.
Only when round 2 of meds came along (liquid this time. Pink cherry flavored liquid...don't even try to understand)
At first he did ok-my father & I managed to get at least 2 weeks of meds into him before he decided he'd about had it.
That's when he bit the syringe & broke it. I saw blood and thought he broke a tooth so we took him to the vet.

We dropped him off & awaited the phone call. The vet had to sedate Skeeter in order to be able to look into his mouth because Skeeter was hissing and growling. This behavior is not of my cat on a normal day.
The problem never went away. He'd had two teeth removed piror & while that fixed the issue with his brother TIpper, it did not work for Skeeter.
The vet informed us we had two options:
1. Bring him in every 30 days to get a shot for the rest of his life. Even so, there was no grantee it would help or return his quality of life.
2. Have a surgery to remove every tooth behind his canines. He'd done this in some other serve cases and owners saw 90% improvement within a week. The only issue is that this surgery would cost $500+.

We left with the quote for the surgery and had to come to a decision. The vet said we could take a few months to save up money, but how would that be fair to Skeeter who hasn't been eating or acting normally? It wouldn't. I looked into what I had that I could sell-not much. (I have a kidney but there isn't a legit market for that.) I decided I'd just promote my charms & hope for the best.

Today Skeeter took a turn for the worse & stopped eating all together. I've been up since 6am with him trying to get him to eat anything. Finally around 9pm, he ate a little something but instantly started gagging.
I updated my LJ to state that he's been drooling a lot & isn't at all interested in eating. (he still isn't, I stood there petting him and singing to him to get him to eat at least a few bites. Skeeter enjoys The Rainbow Connection. He is, afterall, named after a Muppet)
After he ate, I put him on the blanket in front of the fishtank in hopes he'd get all "oh snap-fish" like he normally would, but he just wanted one thing-to be snuggled.

As I type this, he has been passed out in my lap for two hours now. I do not doubt he is dreaming about eating a whole can of tuna & chasing his tail.

I feel I should give a backstory on Skeeter for those that do not know him.
He was abused as a kitten. He has 3 brothers, two of which live here with him. They were not abused, but Skeeter was.
Skeeter's tail curves over his back because the asshole used to throw him off the deck by his tail. He had a knot on the back of his head from god only know what. He's a bit cross eyed.
 Since we got him in July 2001, he's become an indoor cat. (as are all of his brothers)
I do not know what other horrors occured when he was a kitten, but it was bad enough that he still cowers around my father-who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Skeeter is very special-to myself, my parents, his siblings and the other cats.
The fact that you guys are stepping up to help at a time like this means more than the world to me.
Most of you do not know me, but are still showing such love & compassion. It is is people like you that restore hope in the world.
You are truly the best of the best-even if I do not know you, I admire/love/respect you.
Should any one of you need anything ever, I will do what I can for you.
I owe so many of you-so very many. For I believe you have all saved my cat's life.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
(with help from Skeeter)

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Hellah Montana
25 June 2008 @ 02:41 am

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